Opiate Dependency

Opiate dependency is a complicated and challenging disorder that affects the lives of thousands of struggling addicts every year. However, what many people don’t realize is that drug addiction, opiate addiction in particular, is a mental disease and needs to be treated as such. Because there is so much taboo and misinformation about drug addicts in this country, many of those afflicted by this terrible disease never seek out the very treatment they need that could potentially save their lives. And one of these treatments that have been very helpful in treating opiate dependency, as well as the dangerous symptoms that come with it, is the drug Suboxone. For more information about suboxone please read the following section.


Suboxone is a very unique medication that is used for the treatment of opiate dependence and withdrawal. Suboxone was approved by the FDA in 2002 as a combination product designed to decrease the potential for opiate abuse.

SuboxoneSuboxone contains two powerful ingredients, Buprenorphine and Naloxone, which both work in unison to curtail the effects of opiate dependency. Each ingredient serves a unique purpose.

Buprenorphine is in itself a partial opiate, and helps to ease the horrible withdrawal symptoms that are often associated with opiate dependency.

Because buprenorphine is itself a partial opiate, it generates some of the opiate effects to help ease withdrawal symptoms, while reducing the risk of side effects and abuse that come with full opioids like methadone.

While buprenorphine is working to ease painful withdrawal symptoms, naloxone works to undo the effects of the opiates by binding to the receptor and blocking any stimulation that might come from taking the drug.

The naloxone ingredient in suboxone also has a second purpose; it prevents individuals from injecting the drug. Any injection process will activate the nalaxone ingredient and will cause immediate symptoms of opiate withdrawal to return.

This ensures that the drug is taken in tablet form and dissolved under the tongue so that the user receives its intended benefits.

Benefits of Taking Suboxone

Studies have shown that taking suboxone is more effective than a placebo and equally, if not more effective, than moderate doses of methadone.

Because of all the risks associated with Methadone, many treatment specialists view suboxone as a safer alternative with fewer risks of addiction, abuse, and other side effects.

Supervised doses of suboxone help enable patients to stop abusing drugs like heroin and oxycontin, without suffering the intense withdrawal symptoms that are often associated with these powerful drugs.

This helps to give these patients a powerful head start towards the road to recovery by helping them get through the most difficult period of drug withdrawal.

It is important to note that suboxone is only a partial treatment method to a larger overall treatment strategy of dealing with opiate addiction.

Suboxone is generally used in the beginning of treatment to help ease withdrawal symptoms, while allowing the body time for the full detoxification process.

Once the opiates are successfully detoxified from the body, the patient will begin various drug rehabilitation therapies to help them cope to a new life without opiates.

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