Suboxone Detox

What is Suboxone Detox Treatment?

Suboxone detox treatment is a type of detox model used to help treat opiate addiction such as heroin addiction, methadone addiction, as well as opiate based prescription pain killers like Oxycontin, vicodin and percocet. Suboxone detox treatment is generally used in conjunction with other detox medications, as well as proper nutritious care, and other drug rehabilitation methods. Suboxone detox is widely regarded as a more effective and safer detox treatment than methadone, with fewer side effects and a lower risk of dependency. It is important to remember that detoxing with suboxone is only part of an overall treatment strategy that includes addiction therapy, group counseling and sober living treatment.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone itself is a partial opiate agonist. This means that it works in the same way that opiates work by filling the same receptors in the brain that get stimulated from opiate use. However, unlike methadone, and other opiate based drugs, suboxone is only a partial opiate, meaning it only produces limited Opiate effects. However, these effects are strong enough to allow a person with an opiate addiction enough relief to successfully detox from opiates without experiencing excruciating opiate withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone also works to block any current opiates that are in the body, while working to prevent any future opiate use.

How Suboxone Treatment Works

Suboxone DetoxSuboxone can only be administered by a license physician who is legally aloud to prescribe the drug. What is unique about suboxone, that it is one of the only Opiate Detox medications that can be taken in the comfort of your own home. The only mandatory office visits are at the very beginning of the treatment where a safe and effective dose is determined. Once the physician has found a safe and effective dosage to maintain withdrawal relief, the drug can be administered without the doctor’s supervision and taken without supervision.

The length of suboxone treatment varies from individual to individual and can be as short as several days to as long as several months. This is determined by how the patient is reacting to the drug and the doctor’s opinion of when the patient is reaching recovery. At this point, the patient will be weaned off of suboxone until their body has reached full detox recovery.

Who Should Undergo Suboxone Detox?

A suboxone detox treatment program is designed for anyone who is suffering from opiate addiction and opiate withdrawal. Opiate addiction affects people from many walks of life, to high powered business executives, to students, to soldiers. Suboxone offers hope and relief to anyone who suffers from an opiate addiction, whether it’s heroin, morphine, or legal over the counter pain killers like vicodin, percocet, oxycontin, or oxycodone. If you, or a loved one, are suffering from opiate addiction do not hesitate to consult a suboxone specialist today. It could be the very thing that could save their lives.

For Immediate help finding a suboxone detox facility please call (866) 531-4569.

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